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The purposes of JCatalog: How to use? News and statistics:

Here is the science journal catalog named JCatalog. You can find, sort and select journals with different criteria, such as title, publisher, impact-factor and availability of content. We update database aproximately every month.

JCatalog provide fast access to on-line content of journal on different mirrors, such as blackwell-synergy, sciencedirect e-library.

The main goal of JCatalog is ability of searching open-access articles in journals of your interest. Also you can obtain fresh impact-factor.

We have already gathered information about every journal over the internet for You!

How to locate journal fast?
* Find over beginng of words in journal title, for instace «J Mol Biol».
* Dont use words like «the», «of», «and». Never use symbol «&».
* If you know precise journal title it's better to use advanced search with flag «whole phrase».

How to select journals of one rubric?
* Click menu item INDEX and then Journal classification, and select the rubric of your interest.
* Go to advanced search and enter rubric name into keywords field.

Now in database:

All journals
[1747 all, 138 free, 756 full-text]
Biology journals
[1094 all, 91 free, 538 full-text]
Molecular, cell biology and biochemistry
[159 all, 26 free, 96 full-text]
Microbiology, virology and infections
[144 all, 19 free, 75 full-text]
Ecology and environmental problems
[70 all, 28 free, 2 full-text]
Neuroscience journals
[70 all, 38 free, 6 full-text]
Medicine journals
[142 all, 38 free, 79 full-text]
Chemistry journals
[31 all, 2 free, 15 full-text]

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